Wandering Free

About The Project

Website Design, Branding & Custom Application Design

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Wordpress Integration
  • Custom Development

The Premise

Data Interoperability that looks great.

Wandering Free are a specialist boutique travel package provider located in Johannesburg, South Africa. They didn't just need a great website and an awesome logo - although they got those - but also a specific custom application that would allow them to fetch travel details in XML format from their UK partners.

How did we help?

Using a heavily modified - and heavily optimised, because XML transfer is slow - Wordpress database, we set up the scheduling and import functions to grab XML information files, import and error-check them, and spit them out in beautiful, responsive front-end templates.

We also made use of auto-generated sliders, remote image hosting and automatic currency conversion, meaning the people at Wandering Free could leave the website to run itself while they concentrated on providing strange and exciting new tours to their clients.

What did they say?

When choosing a web development agency you really should look no further than Plastic Duck Armada. As a small team they have all the passion necessary to get to know your business intimately and all the skills to develop the perfect web platform for you, at the best price.

They are innovative, intelligent, and capable of finding truly unique solutions to your corporations individual needs. As Wandering Free, we can happily recommend them to anyone who asks, because as well as developing us a flawless, efficient website, their after sales service has been absolutely immaculate. Due to their passion, efficiency, willingness to attempt what hasn't been tried before, as well as hilarious emails, we no longer think of Matt and Steve as simply an IT provider; they are friends.

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